Poll Shows Americans Approve Of Trump Executive Orders

We all know that polls matter. A recent poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult showed that President Trump’s executive orders enjoy majority approval from Americans. Republicans in particular are overjoyed with what Trump has accomplished in a short period of time.

Executive Orders

Topic Approve Disapprove
Immigration ban 55% 38%
Regulation rollback 47% 33%
Keep Obama LGBTQ Protection 77% 13%
Reinstating Mexico City policy 47% 42%

Supreme Court

43 percent agree that the Senate should confirm Neil Gorsuch, 25 percent oppose, and 32 percent don’t know or have no opinion. Most Americans, 59 percent, believe that SCOTUS nominees should require a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate–or at least that the filibuster should not be “nuked” if you interpret it that way.

Democrats Working with Trump

This will surprise many leftists who are looking for hills on which to die (and bringing everyone with them). 58 percent believe that “Democrats in Congress should focus on finding ways to work with President Trump in order to get things done,” while only 30 percent believe that Democrats should “stick to their principles” and go for obstruction.


49 percent agree that Obamacare should be scaled back, with 41 percent wanting to keep things as they are. I would guess those 41 percent have really good health plans from their employers.

Trade, Immigration, Energy

Topic Approve Disapprove
Start building the wall 48% 42%
End funding of sanctuary cities 55% 33%
Withdraw from TPP 47% 33%
Approve Keystone XL 48% 37%
Approve Dakota Access Pipeline 46% 39%

What does this mean?

The poll indicates that most of the American public has accepted Trump as their president, and is ready to move forward. It’s bad news for the fear-mongering outrage machine that’s trying to protest Trump out of office. A cause based on personal hatred of one man can’t sustain.

Even though only 48 percent of poll respondents have a very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of Trump, with 47 percent unfavorable, most Americans believe that at least some of Trump’s moves are good for the country.

Perhaps that’s why Senate Democrats are now starting to crack on opposition to Gorsuch. Eventually, the media storm will have to settle down, or people will lose interest. As long as Americans are approving of Trump’s actions, he is going to continue in the direction he began the moment he took the oath of office.

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