Pope Francis Should Learn to Shut Up

Pope Francis has weighed in on Donald Trump.

Like Donald Trump, Pope Francis needs to learn when to shut up.

The pontiff is perfectly entitled to his opinion, but he is a foreign leader who should not be meddling in American elections. Frankly, coming days before South Carolina votes, the Pope probably did a lot to help Donald Trump by commenting.

The Pope’s comments have been somewhat misconstrued in that, as I have read and re-read them, he was talking in metaphors about building walls versus building bridges, but it does not matter. He should not have said it. He had no business commenting. At this time in his tenure as Pope he should have known better.

I may be a critic of Donald Trump’s, but the Pope has no business attacking a candidate for President of the United States when, it is rather clear, the Pope really only has incidental knowledge of Donald Trump and the current American political dynamic.

So, respectfully, be quiet Francis.

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