Prayers for Harry Reid

This is sad. We wish him well.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., saw a doctor after feeling light-headed Tuesday and learned he’d suffered a mild stroke, aides said Friday. “Senator Reid feels fine. There are no complications or any restrictions on his activities. He has undergone evaluations this week, and his doctors have recommended that he take advantage of the summer congressional recess for some down time,” said a statement issued by Reid’s press secretary, Tessa Hafen. Reid is not hospitalized.

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  • That’s odd, they didn’t even hospitalize him overnight for observation? Must have fairly mild. Strokes are scary stuff. We all assume (or at leat I used to) that strokes were for folks in their late 70’s or beyond. However, I’ve heard of several younger people suffering strokes in recent years. Not sure of Reid’s age but would guess early 60’s. Hope he has a full recovery and a long retirement.