Preschool Teacher Donates Kidney to Dying Student

This teacher is the best.

A dying 4-year-old will get a “second chance at life” when she gets a new kidney, donated to her by her preschool teacher, Beth Battista.

Battista spoke with Faithwire about Lyla and considers her ability to do this “A true miracle.”

In October 2015, Lyla fell ill and was diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis, a rare disorder according to the National Institute of Health (NIH) that causes blood vessel inflammation (vasculitis), which can lead to organ damage, the website stated.

The kidneys, lungs, nerves, skin, and joints are the most commonly affected areas of the body, it explained.

Over the summer, the family conducted a national search to find the perfect match.

Lyla’s teacher got tested.

Battista said, “I just had a feeling that this was something I needed to do. I went in for the first test, and just knew that we were going to be a match.”

“It’s a true miracle, that after searching the entire country. I am a match.”

Now, “I feel blessed to be able to save Lyla’s life and give her a future that she deserves.”

Now, get your tissues, an emotional moment happened when Battista told Lyla’s mother, Dena Carreyn, that she was a match, an epic experience that was caught on video and posted to Facebook, where it has garnered more than 34,000 views, found here.

So when Carreyn found out Lyla had a new teacher, she went to the school to meet with her and train her on all of her daughter’s medical requirements, she wrote on Facebook.

Sitting at a table with Battista and two other staff members, Carreyn opened a wrapped package with a note in it. She says “What?” in surprise as she finishes reading the note.

“I may just be her teacher now, but soon a little piece of me will be with Lyla forever,” the note, written in green ink, reads. “I’m Lyla’s Kidney Donor.”

“Oh my God,” Carreyn said, immediately standing up from her seat and bursting into tears.

The mother walks toward Battista and immediately embraces her.

“Are you sure?” Carreyn asks her. “Really?”

Carreyn and Battista spoke with press earlier. Carreyn is the mother of Lyla.

She said “it took a moment to sink in” after she read the note, adding that it felt similar to the moment when Lyla was born.

“Lyla is getting a second chance at life, thanks to Beth,” Carreyn said.

Battista said when she found out Lyla was sick, she “just had a feeling” that she needed to get tested.

“After searching the entire country, it is a true miracle that I am her match,” Battista said. “I feel blessed to be able to save her life and give her the future she deserves.”

Carreyn said Battista will “forever be a part of” their family.

“Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude,” she said. “How do you possibly thank someone for saving your child’s life? Words are not enough.”

Ms. Battista, we are giving you a grade and its an A+.

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