President Trump and ISIS Have Entered An Unlikely Alliance

It is pretty clear ISIS is trying to affect the British elections in favor of Jeremy Corbyn. They know he is both weak on crime and weak on immigration. Despite Corbyn’s rhetoric, the moment he becomes Prime Minister, Britain will surrender to ISIS and Corbyn will probably lead a good faith effort to veil the Queen.

Though accidentally, it appears Donald Trump has joined ISIS in their effort to elect Jeremy Corbyn. Trump’s self-centered dumbassery on Twitter has started a state crisis in Britain. His attacks on London’s Mayor have allowed Labour in Britain to demand a withdrawal of Trump’s state visit. Trump’s unpopularity coupled with the invitation by Theresa May has put May in a very difficult position right before an election that should have given the Tories a clear majority.

Donald Trump and ISIS are working in concert, though not coordinated, to get Jeremy Corbyn elected. ISIS is doing so intentionally. President Trump is just a dumbass with a Twitter account who cannot help himself.

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