President Trump Believes Russia Interfered In The Election. The Press Says He Does Not.

Here is video evidence. The President of the United States says he believes Russia interfered in the American election. He said it. But headlines around America today claim the President “stopped short” of saying it.

You can hear him for yourself. He says it. He believes the Russians interfered. He thinks others might have as well, as do I. But the media refuses to credit the President with saying this because the President will not follow it up by claiming Hillary Clinton was robbed of the election. That’s what the press wants. They want the President to claim he stole the election. There is no proof of it. There is no evidence of it. But it is a fervent, religious belief of the press corps that their precious Hillary Clinton could only have lost if the Russians stole the election.

The President told them the Russians interfered, but without repenting and resigning, they press will continue to lie and claim the President never said it. The press will never acknowledge that Hillary Clinton was a crappy candidate who ran a crappy campaign and got bested by Donald J. Trump. To acknowledge and admit that fact would force too much introspection into how badly the media has lost touch with America.

So instead they’ll claim the President “stopped short” of saying what he just said.

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