President Trump Has The Democrats Right Where He Wants Them

Fear not. Everything seems chaotic in Washington, D.C., but that is the nature of Donald Trump. The President thrives in chaos. In fact, in chaos President Trump is able to use the unknown to his advantage and throw everyone else off their game. How quickly have you forgotten 2016? Candidate Donald Trump pulled everyone into the whirlwind, shook up dominant paradigms, and emerged President of the United States.

He is just doing it all over again and people are as freaked out now as they were in 2016. Have they learned nothing? President Trump has everyone right where he wants them, Democrats especially.

If that all sounded convincing to you, you are probably one of the President’s many enablers who will willingly go down with a ship currently adrift and taking on water. What worked for President Trump during Campaign 2016 worked because it was a campaign. Unfortunately for President Trump, governing is not the same thing. We often talk about the permanent campaign, but the reality is the permanency of campaigning is a superficial overlay to good governance. We are not getting that good governance right now.

President Trump’s team hammered out a good message and rationale for firing James Comey. But President Trump gutted it all and made liars of everyone. He boldly declared Russia had something to do with Comey’s firing, providing Democrats the talking points they need moving forward.

On top of that, President Trump’s actions will give Democrats incentive to grind the Senate operations to a halt. He will make it harder to confirm judges and harder to pass any and all legislation to advance his agenda. He has handed the Democrats talking points and put Republicans on the defensive.

Comey’s firing was justified, but not for the reasons states by the President. Comey’s firing was reasonable, but not when the President’s behavior is considered.

President Trump needs to learn some valuable lessons in governance. The best way to teach him that lesson is for Republicans in Congress to demand a special prosecutor investigate Russian interference in the American election. President Trump needs to be forced to understand that his child-like temper tantrums have real and costly consequences.

At this point, a special prosecutor is reasonable and an appropriate response to President Trump’s cavalier actions and attitude toward good governance. There are some things that transcend party. Interference by a foreign power in our elections is one of those things. While I have no doubt the President himself will not be implicated, his actions raise a great many questions and Republicans in Congress need to respond forcefully.

President Trump has upended the GOP agenda, distracted from the party’s core goals, and provided Democrats several gifts that will keep on giving unless he is rebuked now, forcefully, by his own party.

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