President Trump Should Tweet More Like This

After a slew of irrational tweets last week, President Trump has reverted back to tweeting about substance. This morning, the notorious tweeter–who has arguably given Twitter more life by choosing to use it as his preferred method of communication to constituents –tweeted about Charlie Gard, the 10-month-old child set to die at the hands of the European Union.

Heres’ how Trump justified his Twitter behavior:

Trump also tweeted about repealing and replacing Obamacare–forcing Congress to push back a vote on the matter. The White House is giving serious consideration to the Cruz-Lee plan as the model for healthcare reform.

Resurgent’s very own EIC Erick Erickson wrote about this very subject on Friday suggesting why it was important for Trump to weigh-in on this matter rather than giving a boost to the ‘Morning Joe’ hosts:

Meanwhile, Charlie Gard is dying, largely unknown and with no powerful person willing to speak up for him. What a great power President Trump has. In 140 characters he can change an entire conversation around the world. If only he used it for noble causes like defending the life of Charlie Gard, who will now die while the President feuds with a television host.

Perhaps Trump listened to Erick? Very unlikely, but it’s likely members of his staff heeded Erick’s and other conservatives’ messages — prompting him to tweet about this matter.

Trump has a very interesting relationship with Twitter. Although an avid user of the platform, Trump didn’t include the company’s executives in a tech meeting following his election. Nevertheless, he will continue to use the neglected microblogging platform to get his message out there–for better or worse.

I think everyone can agree: We need more of the substantive President Trump and less of the Twitter bomb-thrower President Trump.

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