FILE - In this Jan. 20, 2015 file photo, a plume of steam billows from the coal-fired Merrimack Station in Bow, N.H. If the nation doesn’t do more, the U.S. probably won’t quite meet the dramatic heat-trapping gas reduction goal it promised in last year’s Paris agreement to battle climate change, according to a new study. (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

President Trump Should Withdraw From the Paris Accord. Here’s Why.

I’m one of those conservatives who does think the climate is changing. I even think humanity plays a role. I just think that when we’re listening to scientists who change on a dime about whether eggs will kill you or salt will kill you or cheese will kill you, we should maintain a healthy skepticism when they claim to know for certain what the world will look like fifty to one hundred years from now.

Also, I really don’t care. The world has warmed and cooled through millions of years and would with or without us. We can adapt. We can also advance technologically. The scientists who once warned humanity was going to starve to death and people would resort to cannibalism now want us to know adaptation is impossible and we’re all going to die. Honestly, I might care more about this issue if the scientists most likely to raise the alarm did not have a history of both being wrong and failing to be humble as a result. It seems much of the climate change movement is less pro-earth than it is anti-people.

All that said, none of that has to do with why the President should withdraw from the Paris Accord. If you believe press reports, there is a fight going on in the White House between the left wing led by Team Kushner and the right wing led by Team Bannon. Team Bannon is right on this.

The media spin is that the rest of the world would be angry with us. Barack Obama got China to get on board and it would look bad if we withdrew. Unfortunately for those who hold to that argument, this is the nature of democracy. For President Trump to stay in the Accord despite his disagreement, he would be signaling that he can and will be bound by policies of prior Presidents who the voters have rejected and who he rejected. The nature of our republic is that a new President gets to move in different directions.

Second, to bind the United States to the Paris Accord would give the Accord the weight of a treaty though Barack Obama bypassed the constitutional process of treaty ratification. This is a dangerous precedent. Though executive agreements exist, those agreements cannot and should not bind future executives who want to go in different directions. Supporters of the Paris Accord are treating the Accord like it is a binding treaty though it has never been ratified by Congress.

Third, the President should abandon the Paris Accord to show he will not be bullied and intimidated. Several times now, from the budget to Obamacare, the left has amped up pressure on the President and he has caved. His second pick for Army Secretary withdraw because of objections to the gay rights movement. His budget extension funded Planned Parenthood because of feminist objections. Where will the President stand his ground if he caves on such a central promise as walking away from the Paris Accord?

Lastly, the President should reject the Paris Accord because as long as we are bound to it, future Presidents can wreak havoc on our economy. I trust that President Trump would not be aggressive in implementing policies related to the Paris Accord, but what about a President Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? Barack Obama is now out saying we need to curtail meat consumption because of global warming. If the Paris Accord remains in place, God help us when a lefty nutter takes the White House, which is bound to happen eventually.

President Trump needs to burn it down and walk away. The voters rejected the Democrats and their policies. They embraced a man who promised to scrap a deal that will ruin our economy. He should keep that promise.

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