Pretty Cool: Chick Saves Dude, Dude Marries Chick

Sometimes when a dude goes to propose to his girlfriend he tries too hard. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen a guy say to his future wife, “There are days when I love you, and there are days when I hate you. But I want to spend the rest of my life loving and hating you.” I get the sentiment, but you don’t tell your future bride that you “hate her.” Bad form.

Other guys are aware of their limitations and so they do their best to just copy something they’ve seen on a chick flick that they were forced to watch. They’ll throw out lines like, “You complete me,” or “You saved my life,” for some reason assuming that their girlfriend won’t remember those lines from a movie that she showed him in the first place.

But at least in the case of an Indiana man named Kevin Walsh, he was serious. His now wife, Blake Walsh, literally saved his life. The story first aired on Inside Edition before being picked up by the Daily Wire. It’s worth reading:

Kevin met Blake at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Michigan when they were both thirteen years old. They were practicing archery at the camp as part of the same group when Blake approached Kevin saying, “Black is a good color on you.”  Kevin explained, “I was like, ‘At least she’s talking to me; she’s the prettiest girl I had ever seen.’”


The pair stayed in communication through instant messenger and text, but lost touch after about a year.  As the end of high school approached, Kevin fell into a deep depression and considered committing suicide. After about a month, Kevin wrote a note and was about to slit his wrists. Then, his phone vibrated, causing him to pause.

As you can probably guess, it was Blake. At the precise moment when there wasn’t another person in the world that he would have stopped to talk to, she called. Blake stayed with Kevin as he worked through his depression.

Part of his recovery included a journal where he wrote about Blake’s call saving his life. Then he wrote more about her, and more, and more. It soon dawned on him that what he was writing was a proposal – something that happened in 2015 in Switzerland.

In the proposal Kevin spoke the words, “I love you. Also, thanks for saving my life.” Maybe not as artful as Hollywood would have scripted, but far more real.

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