Private, Exclusive, Harvard Should Just Ban Itself

Do they still teach logic and rhetoric at Harvard University? Because their latest policy is what’s known as a “genetic fallacy,” imbuing the origins of something with a moral element.

Harvard is banning all “private, exclusionary social organizations,” known as “final clubs,” as well as sororities and fraternities. This apparently because they don’t want students to find like-minded people who share things in common with them, and they don’t like free association guaranteed by the Constitution.

From the Boston Globe:

“Time after time, the social organizations have demonstrated behavior inconsistent with an inclusive campus culture, a disregard for the personhood and safety of fellow students, and an unwillingness to change — even as new students join them over generations,” the [faculty committee] report said.

In order to maintain an “inclusive campus culture,” Harvard just threw out 100 years of off-campus social organizations, threatening students with expulsion if they leave the liberal re-education camp enclave on the Charles River.

Sounds pretty inclusive to me.

The policy applies to all “private, exclusionary social organizations” but the committee acknowledged its main target are seven all-male final clubs, many of which have wealthy endowments and own off-campus mansions in Harvard Square.

Listen, Harvard is a private university. They can do as they please to their students. They can turn the whole place into a barbed-wired, guard-towered, ideological prison and charge $75,000 per semester to house their inmates. The degree is worth something, but maybe it will be worth something less after this freedom-grab.

They should ask Mizzou how catering to ultra-liberal academic fascists helps enrollment. But Harvard likely won’t care. They’ll just claim they’re more “exclusive” than ever while remaining fully “inclusive.”

I think Harvard should just declare itself a “private, exclusionary social organization” and ban itself. Or perhaps they should just let anyone attend and become truly inclusive.

But that would be too logical and consistent.

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