Pro-Choice People Seem to Be Really Anti-Choice

It’s always been one of the greatest misnomers in the American lexicon.  For years, those who believe that a pregnant mother should possess the right to have her unborn offspring mutilated and dismembered in the womb have labeled themselves “pro-choice.”  The rationale is that they believe in the “choice” of women to have an abortion if they want one.

When called what, to be fair, many of them are – “pro-abortion” – they come up for air.  They vehemently deny being “for” abortion, many suggesting that they themselves would never have one.  They just believe that all women should have the choice.

Okay, but then why this?

After serving women next door to a now-shuttered abortion business for over 10 years, Angie Thomas and her team at Woman’s New Life Center in New Orleans have seen plenty of ugly behavior from an industry that survives on the destruction of human lives.  But if she thought she’d seen it all at the previous location, Thomas was reminded there’s still more to see just days after her center relocated across a parking lot from a flagship Planned Parenthood in early October.


A few days before Woman’s New Life Center’s grand opening at the new location Oct. 26, a woman came into the center after having visited Planned Parenthood. Just after she came through the door, a nurse from the abortion chain followed behind her, threatening that Planned Parenthood would tow the woman’s car if she didn’t move it immediately.

In the case of abortion, there are ostensibly two choices, correct?  To abort or to continue the pregnancy.  If your sole motivation is just to ensure that women are legally allowed to make that choice, which is what most Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW spokesmen will say, then why angrily threaten to tow an innocent woman’s car just because she appears to be making the choice to save her child’s life?

Along those lines, why does Planned Parenthood not welcome literature from pro-lifers into their facilities?  Why do they have policies in place to turn ultrasound screens away from pregnant women so they don’t see their unborn daughter before having her life ended?  If you are in favor of women being given a choice between life or death for their unborn baby, why would you oppose providing them the full gamut of information about those two options?

Some might counter that pro-lifers and directors of pregnancy resource centers don’t provide women referrals and information about available abortion options.  Of course they don’t.  Because they don’t believe that a woman (or anyone) should be given the choice whether or not to end the life of another innocent human being.  They are unequivocally and unashamedly pro-life, meaning they are providing information and counseling about one side: the life side.

If the abortion lobby is taking the other side, that’s their prerogative.  But shouldn’t they be honest and state that they are unequivocally and unashamedly pro-abortion?  Given that they’re threatening to tow the cars of any woman passing on their services, it’s not like they’re fooling anybody anyway.

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