Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood's president, addresses an audience during an event Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016, in Hooksett, N.H., during which Planned Parenthood endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. The endorsement by the group's political arm marks Planned Parenthood's first time wading into a presidential primary. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Pro-Life Group to Protest WNBA’s Seattle Storm’s Support of Planned Parenthood

Created Equal, a nationally recognized pro-life group, is planning to protest the WNBA Seattle Storm’s partnership with Planned Parenthood.

The Storm will give $5 from the sale of each ticket to their July 18th game against the Chicago Sky to the nation’s largest abortion vendor, totaling $87,295 if all 17,459 seats of the arena are filled.

In contrast, Created Equal and several other pro-life groups will be hosting a peaceful protest at Key Arena on the night of the game from 7-9 p.m.

The group is also circulating a petition asking Seattle Storm not to “play ball” with Planned Parenthood.

“Professional sports franchises are free to do as they wish, but it is our responsibility to make sure they know that enabling child-killing will come at a significant cost to their bottom line and brand,” Mark Harrington the National Director of Created Equal said. “Children are going to be violently torn apart if we do nothing as partnering with their killers becomes a corporate fad.”

“We are going to make sure the sports industry understands that collaborating with the contract killers at Planned Parenthood is not acceptable,” a press release for the group reads.

Additionally, on Thursday, July 13, at 11:00 A.M. pro-life activists will hold a press conference in front of the Russell Senate Office Building that will be followed by a prayer vigil and sit-in at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office.

The activists are urging Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all.

“We call upon Senator McConnell and the republican majority in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood which is the largest provider in the world,” Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition and pastor of Church on the Hill in Washington, D.C. said. The $550,000,000 of taxpayer money that goes to Planned Parenthood should be redirected to federally licensed clinics that provide for more comprehensive services for women.”

Harrington concurs, calling on Republicans to keep their promise to conservative voters.

“Funding for Planned Parenthood has been a perennial issue since Republicans won control of the House in 2010, and each time, Republican leaders have finessed it by saying the matter would be settled in a broader health care bill. Now, is the time to hold these pro-life representatives accountable for their campaign promises. We will deliver a strong message to every single US Senator to defund Planned Parenthood and end all funding streams for abortion in the health care bill.”

“Abortion is not healthcare and not one penny of taxpayer funding should go to an organization that takes the lives of 329,000 innocent children every year,” he continued. “We encourage the Senate to follow the lead of their colleagues in the House and not include the funding of Planned Parenthood in their healthcare legislation.”

You can learn more about Created Equal’s mission and efforts here.


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