Pro-Lifers Mourn Death of “Jane Roe” Norma McCorvey

Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, has passed away at the age of 69. She served as the plaintiff of the landmark but tragic Supreme Court case that legalized abortion without restrictions in 1973. Despite being a plaintiff for the case, McCorvey eventually became a staunch pro-life advocate and devout Catholic later in life.

Here’s how people have responded to her passing:


What largely explained McCorvey’s conversion? Christianity treated her better than the pro-choice movement did, Vanity Fair wrote:

Publicly, the pro-choice movement more or less shrugged. McCorvey’s former lawyer, Sarah Weddington, said, “All Jane Roe ever did was sign a one-page legal affidavit.” But Charlotte Taft, the women’s-rights advocate, regrets that the pro-choice camp did not make McCorvey feel more needed or more special. And, she says, evangelical religion provided Norma with something the pro-choice movement could not: the comfort of absolute truth. “She got to know she is right,” says Taft.

In 1998, she formally became Catholic:

In 1998, McCorvey redefined herself yet again, converting to Roman Catholicism after instruction by Fr. Frank Pavone of the organization Priests for Life. At McCorvey’s First Communion, a priest spoke of “her complicity in the evil” of Roe, and of her subsequent transformation. McCorvey saved copies of the homily.

McCorvey stated her biggest regret in life was getting involved in Roe v. Wade during a speech she delivered at the 2003 March for Life. In 1980, she publicly admitted she was “Jane Roe” in the notorious Supreme Court case.

Many others like McCorvey have realized how misleading, anti-life, and dehumanizing the pro-abortion cause is since this court case went into effect. Pro-lifers are forever indebted to Ms. McCorvey for her testimony and contributions in attempting to help reverse Roe v. Wade. May she RIP.

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