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Producer of Modern Family Attacks Christianity Over DACA

Danny Zuker, producer of the television show Modern Family, went on Twitter to savagely attack Christians that support our President, in response to President Trump’s decision to end DACA, saying their religion is “bulls**t” before throwing the f-bomb at Christians, in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Zuker went on to suggest that people who adhere to Judaeo/Christian values should oppose the rule of law in regard to illegal immigration, because actually enforcing the law would force the government to tear families apart. Several subsequent tweets were also salted with expletives to add emphasis.

With the predictable rant of a typical Hollywood liberal, Zuker tried to use the tenets of Christianity, a religion he neither believes or truly understands, against devout believers. The problem with that tactic is that most Christians know the Bible well enough to recognize both errors in logic and the misinterpretation of Scripture. In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said,

Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish but to fulfill them.

Granted, the typical liberal will point out that the United States didn’t exist when Jesus lived on Earth, so U.S. immigration laws were not what he meant. It is true that Jesus was only talking about laws that originated with God, the laws of Moses and the Ten Commandments. And it is relatively easy to cherrypick Bible verses that seem to support the idea that Israelites showed compassion to foreigners in their midst.

However, it is equally easy to cherrypick verses that talk about Nehemiah building a wall around Jerusalem to protect the city from foreign invaders. Is there room for any compromise?

Many Christians have strong but conflicted feelings about the importance of the rule of law, balanced with our sense of human compassion. No one wants to see young people who have spent their whole lives in the United States deported to a country they’ve never known, but the solution must be legal.

President Trump did the right thing, whether we like it or not. The law of the land must be consistently upheld. If the laws are unfair, it is the duty and obligation of Congress to pass a bill that the President can sign to create a new law. And now he has a bargaining chip for getting his wall funded.

President Obama correctly acknowledged that he did not possess imperial powers as the leader of the Executive Branch and could not sign DACA into law without Congress, but then he violated his oath of office by doing precisely what he claimed that he lacked the authority to do.

If people like Mr. Zuker would think and listen before reacting with emotional outrage, they might learn that Christians are not evil or lacking compassion.

And they might not risk alienating half of their potential audience or more in the process. Ratings are crucial in their business.


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