Professing Ourselves to Be Wise, We’ve Become Fools

For the last several decades conservative Christians have been warning that each successive step in the ladder of the sexual revolution was just that – a step, not a destination.

  • No-fault divorce
  • Tolerance of obscenity and mainstreaming of soft-core porn
  • Promotion of pre-marital cohabitation
  • Acceptance of lesbian and gay relationships
  • Subsequent celebration and promotion of those relationships
  • The un-defining of marriage
  • Lowering of age-of-consent laws
  • And now a transgender mania that is exploding around the country

Each has been both predictable and predicted as nothing but the next logical step up this ladder to sexual anarchy. And each time conservative Christians have predicted it, the left has countered by rolling their eyes and screaming “slippery slope fallacy.” But it’s never been a fallacy. It’s been a revolution.

And it’s not just a revolution against sexual mores. It’s a revolution against God’s moral order for mankind. And just like if we walk off the edge of a building proclaiming we aren’t bound by God’s natural laws, there will be severe consequences for any society that breaks God’s moral laws whether we claim to believe in them or not.

And it seems fairly obvious that the first consequence is the death of reason and science. Last week I pointed out that even the conservative-supported Trump administration is threatening teachers in America’s schools that they have to play the “pick your own gender” game with their students. That invitation to chaos in our schools is beyond unkind; it’s criminal. But Trump is just following the winds of culture.

Right there in the city where he lives, the District of Columbia is issuing “genderless driver’s licenses.” Meanwhile, some left-wing website called Refinery29 has started running a video called “Trans 102.” The entire video is self-imploding illogic, but this is what now passes for reason in a culture like ours.

This is what is now celebrated by our media as forward thinking, compassionate, progressive, and enlightened. It’s not. It’s dumb. It’s all dumb. But in our rebellion to God, we have become a dumb people. Which is why you can’t help but hear the echoes of Paul’s words to the Romans (“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”) in your mind as you watch nonsense like Trans 102 and realize that American lawmakers in New York are actually moving towards making it against the law to “mis-gender someone.”

Yes, if you dare call a man “he” without finding out first that he prefers to call himself some asinine term like “xe” or “zir,” you get fined or worse.

I’d say “God help us,” but we don’t want Him to. We’re too enlightened for Him these days. I’ll give you one guess how that’s going to turn out for us.

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