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Progressives tell Will and Kate not to have any more kids

The San Francisco group Having Kids, which encourages couples to have smaller families, has penned an open letter urging the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to forego extending their family to avoid damaging the “sustainability and equity” of a large nursery.

“Melting glaciers could affect the North Atlantic circulation, completely changing the United Kingdom’s weather,” the letter reads. “All of us — especially public figures — should plan our families with the future environment in mind, producing a smaller and more resilient populace capable of thriving in that environment.”

The Duke and Duchess currently have two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

Having Kids say that their critics “have only proven the organization’s point by failing to recognize the unique efficacy of family planning as a tool to mitigate climate change, close the gap between rich and poor, and dramatically improve child welfare — all at once.”

The fertility rate in Great Britain has been declining for years, but the royal couple seem unfazed by the statistics.

Princess Kate recently implied that she and William will have more children soon, joking during a July 17 appearance that they will “just have to have more babies.”

Several commenters responding to the Daily Mail’s article on the letter criticized the group for encouraging the Duke and Duchess to refrain from having more children.

“I hope Princess Kate is pregnant NOW!!!” said one commentator. “With triplets!!!” another responded.

Having Kids promotes the “fair start model,” which encourages “parent-centered family planning” with “a new and crucial trend of public family planning,” that includes the redistribution of wealth, and have also criticized President Trump for having a large family.

“Why should Trump’s children or Prince William’s be handed wondrous lives while other children are guaranteed lives of misery?” Ms. Green said in a statement. “Together we can limit the degree to which a child’s quality of life is simply the luck of the draw.”

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