Prominent Property Rights Advocate Appointed to Serve as Reagan PAC VP

Martha Boneta — Virginia farmer and private property rights advocate — was recently appointed to serve as Executive Vice President of Citizens for the Republic, a grassroots conservative group based in Alexandria, Virginia. Boneta is the first woman to serve in this post. It was founded by the late President Ronald Reagan with the help of aid Lynn Nofziger in the late 1970s. The group was relaunched in 2010. CFTR is classified as a 527 organization.

Boneta joins radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, famed Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, and Diana Banister as an officer for the political action committee (PAC). Other prominent board members include former U.S. Attorney General and past Heritage Foundation president Ed Meese. Here’s more on the organization:

CFTR promotes the principles of limited government, maximum freedom, personal responsibility, peace through strength, and defense of the dignity of every individual. These are the ideas that Ronald Reagan championed when he founded the original CFTR in 1977 to make conservatism a vibrant political force.

In a press release, the PAC’s chairman Craig Shirley praised Boneta for her efforts to promote freedom across the Commonwealth–efforts he believes that will translate well across the country.

“Martha is a high-spirited conservative, who understands the challenges our nation faces,” Craig Shirley, chairman of CFTR, said in a press release. “We are confident her experience, charisma, and belief in true American conservatism, that she will be indispensable in advocating key policies and political issues that will benefit the American people. The strength of Citizens for the Republic is its foundation in individual liberty and Martha will carry that message for years to come.”


“The goal of CFTR is to extend conservatism in American political thought while fighting corruption much as Reagan did in 1977,” said Martha Boneta in an email to The Resurgent. “I am so thrilled to be a part of CFTR!”

Boneta pictured at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA on a recent visit there.

Boneta has led the fight for property rights here in Virginia. A target of the Piedmont Environment Council, Boneta has fought back and succeeded in helping usher in property rights for farmers down in Richmond. As a result of her efforts, a bill with her namesake–the “Boneta Bill“–was passed and signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe in 2014.

A documentary called “Farming in Fear” produced by the Charles Koch Institute highlights her battle against local Virginia environmentalist groups. You can watch it in full below:


Martha Boneta’s addition to the PAC should be a big boost to the organization in the years to come.

Note: The author of this piece served as the Director of Media Relations for Boneta’s Liberty Farm Festival in September 2016. 

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