Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pauses before speaking during a Planned Parenthood Action Fund membership event, Friday, June 10, 2016 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

PROOF: Planned Parenthood Pushes Abortion Quotas

Last week, President and Founder of Live Action, Lila Rose, posted a photo on social media that featured a certificate awarded to a Planned Parenthood facility congratulating that clinic on exceeding abortion visits for the first half of the fiscal year back in 2013.

As expected Planned Parenthood immediately responded back denying in a statement that they did not have quotas for clinics with abortion.

However, you can see in the statement released by Planned Parenthood President and CEO of the Rocky Mountains Vicki Cowart, that PP denies having quotas but states they celebrate progress, which includes abortions.

This public relations spin would be laughable if it was not so sad.

Furthermore, according to, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, who posted the same award on her personal Facebook page, was stated saying.

“So remember when I posted this photo that we received from a former Planned Parenthood worker? And remember that we said that this was an award for increasing their abortion numbers at the Aurora abortion clinic?” Abby Johnson wrote. “Well, Planned Parenthood has responded and has confirmed that, YES, this is an award that was given out by them. And, YES, they will continue to ‘celebrate their progress and they always will.”

It that was not enough, Sue Thayer, who was also a former manager for Planned Parenthood, was quoted in the video above confirming the same points.

“Every center had a goal for how many abortions were done, so we were very goal-oriented,” said Thayer. “I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion, to have it at Planned Parenthood because that counts – you know – towards our goal.”

According to statistics from the Family Research Council, Planned Parenthood murders on average 888 babies a day. Between 1978-2014, PP’s annual reports revealed that 6,803,782 unborn babies’ lives have been destroyed.

Whether it is quotas or PP top physician’s speaking about selling baby parts of aborted children, Planned Parenthood is not a healthcare organization. They are an abortion business.

As a Christ follower, I believe all lives have inherent dignity. We all were created in the image of God. As Russell Moore puts it, “children torn apart in abortion facilities have no names, but God knows their names. They have no resting places but Jesus grants them rest.”

In a nation, founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I pray that one day the bondage of death that Planned Parenthood represents will end. That the unborn will finally have those freedoms. That as the reborn, we stand up for the unborn. Knowing all the while that – In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:4-5).

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