Prostitots of Halloween

Since I have been saying this for a few years, I do not think turning forty has anything to do with it, but have you noticed that more and more Halloween costumes for girls turn them into prostitutes, or I guess prostitots?

Seriously, we went out shopping for my ten year old, who wanted to be Black Widow from the Marvel series. There was a really little girl outfit that was okay, but for tweens and adults, it would be hard to tell the difference between the Black Widow costume and a hooker in downtown Atlanta. I hope your daughter does not want to be a nurse for Halloween. That costume come with a video camera and a contract for an adult film company.

It is a sad indictment on our culture how sexualized culture treats our children. Television shows are no better. We have largely banned even the Disney channel at our home where the values taught are more about shopping and vanity than anything else. I have friends getting married soon who are already fretting over whether or not they even want to have kids, given the direction of society these days. I tell them to have a lot of kids, but then also buy a lot of shotguns and move to the middle of nowhere with no television. Raise the kids like they are in a little house on a prairie.

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