Put Up or Shut Up, Donald Trump

I think Mark Cuban is right. Donald Trump is a liar who lied about how much money he has. Cuban, on twitter, noted that if Trump was honest about his wealth he would write a $200 million check to his campaign. But Trump has not done that. In fact, roughly 20% of Trump’s campaign cash has gone back to his family and businesses for reimbursements and rentals. Likewise, Trump has been loaning his campaign money instead of just giving his campaign money.

Mike Bloomberg was willing to write a Presidential campaign a $2 billion check if he had decided to get in. Trump won’t even write a check for a quarter of that.

Donors see what Trump is doing and look at it as another get rich quick scheme where Trump profits while everyone else loses money. Donors want to see Trump really commit to his campaign and right now he is not doing that.

Trump is going to have to put up or shut up. He either will have to write a big, fat check with nine digits in it that is not a loan or he will have to expect that no one else is going to give him major money either. In fact, it is actually pretty hilarious that with all the support Trump supposedly has he only has $1.2 million cash on hand right now.

If Trump’s voters really support him that much they should be coughing up cash. Or maybe they really have been conned into thinking Trump does not need their money. If Trump is an honest man, he’ll write a big, fat check today and make sure it is not a loan to his campaign.

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