Putin Should Trade Edward Snowden to Trump

Former CIA deputy director and two-time acting director Michael Morell has this great post up at The Cipher Brief.  Vladimir Putin should extradite Edward Snowden to Donald Trump as a mere gesture of goodwill:

There are a lot of reasons why the gifting of Snowden would make sense to Putin.

The Russian President needs a relationship with the incoming U.S. President where the U.S. overlooks Moscow’s anti-democratic activities at home and destabilizing activities abroad in exchange for a partnership on issues where our interests overlap, such as on extremism.  This would give President Putin one of the things he desires the most – being seen at home and abroad as an equal of the U.S…

Why would Snowden be such a gift to President-Elect Trump?…Most important among them, it would allow the soon-to-be President to publicly demonstrate, with reason, that his relationship with Putin and his new approach to Russia are paying dividends…Finally, seeing Snowden arrive in the U.S. and placed in handcuffs would go far in healing the wounds that exist between President-Elect Trump and his Intelligence Community.  The IC, more than anyone else, wants Snowden brought to justice.

This is a brilliant idea that should be getting more coverage.  Read the full thing.

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