FILE - In this Feb. 5, 2016 file photo, Daniele da Silva, who is seven months pregnant, poses for a photo as she sits inside her home in a slum of Recife, Brazil. Da Silva said she had Chikungunya a couple of months ago and her ultrasound scan and other exams of her baby are normal. In Zika-struck Brazil, a debate over whether to loosen the country’s strict abortion laws has sparked a backlash from the mothers of children with birth defects. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)

Quality Healthcare? Abortionist Fails Twice In An Hour

Though liberals commonly lump abortion in with women’s healthcare, the facts – and even common sense – tell us a different story. Even if we lay aside the horrific way that an unborn child’s life is ended via abortion, from the mother’s point of view there is nothing healthy at all about having anything – even, as liberals describe it, “a blob of tissue” – violently torn away from an internal organ.

Despite abortion activists’ claims to the contrary, abortion frequently results in both immediate and long-term health issues for the mother. A report from illustrates this fact.

The report tells us that in the course of less than an hour last Saturday (Feb. 4), two patients were transported via ambulance to two different local hospitals from the FPA Women’s Health facility in Bakersfield, California. And these two are not the only recent instances of emergency transport from the Bakersfield clinic.

“The latest two ambulance transports represent the third and fourth abortion-related medical emergencies involving [abortionist Donald C.] Willis since he began working at the Bakersfield facility approximately three months ago.”

LifeNews also claims that Willis continues to practice in the Golden State despite having frequent licensure issues in the past.

“Willis volunteered to allow restrictions to be placed on his medical license, including an order that required him to practice only under supervision. Soon after, he voluntarily surrendered his Alaska medical license. Willis has since allowed his Oregon license to expire, but he continues to practice almost exclusively in the field of abortion in California without restriction.”

The simple truth is that surgical abortion is indeed a women’s health issue, but as the report shows, it is not a health care issue. It is a violent procedure that not only ends a human life but also frequently results in serious physical and emotional harm to the mother.

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