Rachel Dolezal in South Africa Is Offensive to Every Black Person on Earth

Reality came crashing down on Rachel Dolezal’s Alice-in-Wonderland world when she tried to peddle her “I’m black because I feel like it” schtick on people outside her little SJW bubble. Dolezal went to South Africa to raise wokeness there, and was met by reactions ranging from suppressed laughs to bewilderment to get-the-F-out.

This happened last week, but ICYMI, here’s how she was received.

Dolezal went from the frying pan into the fire when she spoke later at the University of Johannesburg where students were left wondering why she was even there. Not to be disrespected on home ground, student after student responded to Dolezal’s foolishness with quintessential South African clap-backs that reduced Dolezal’s claim to blackness to exactly what it was– a disingenuous Nigerian name, a head full of braids and not much else.

Black people in South Africa, who have experienced government-enforced apartheid and rule under a white minority in recent living memory, have a commonsense answer to her claims. Even liberal feminist South Africans can smell the white.

I really, really love this piece by Rufaro Samanga. I love it because Samanga is liberal, and espouses liberal values. I love it because it exposes the truth of Dolezal’s fraud and time-wasting self-promotion. I love it because it shows how American race hucksters of all skin colors are shameless frauds.

Firstly, Dolezal is not black. Nothing she says will add a smidgen of melanin to her glaring whiteness. Secondly, although race may not be biological and is to a large extent a social construct, it is not a garment one can simply put on and off at one’s fancy or convenience.

Even “intersectional black feminists” see the blatant hypocrisy in a white woman putting on black to lecture blacks about their experience.

In addition, as an intersectional black feminist, I am offended by Dolezal asserting that she is ‘trans-racial’ and comparing her experiences to those of transgender individuals. Being ‘trans-racial’ is not a thing. Fullstop. This is problematic AF because Dolezal is perpetuating the misrepresentation of the experiences of transgender individuals, experiences which are already constantly being misrepresented by non-transgender individuals especially. But I guess I’d also be guilty of grossly missing the mark if I too were spending all my energy parading myself as something that I am not. I mean, who wouldn’t?

See, there’s the point. Transgender people have a real feeling and desire to be something they aren’t and never really can be from birth (because men can’t actually have menstrual cramps, a uterus and ovaries, right?). But at least transgender people have a valid–if ill-understood–feeling, like an itch that can’t be scratched.

Dolezal has no such thing. She’s a fraud, the equivalent of a man dressing in drag and lecturing women about PMS.

Many South Africans have suggested that perhaps Dolezal is mentally ill or suffering from a genuine identity crisis but I think this incorrect. I strongly believe that Dolezal is doing what her predecessors have done for centuries. She has found a way to appropriate blackness and commodify it and make it a talking point that has absolutely nothing to do with the progression of the black agenda or the rights of black people but everything to do with exercising and being a beneficiary of her white privilege.

You get that? By appropriating blackness without experiencing it from birth (because Dolezal can simply decide to stop pretending to be black), she actually perpetuates white privilege. Every dark-skinned person on Planet Earth should rightly be offended.

Americans are so inculcated into political correctness and faux victimhood that they cannot recognize real victims and those who are downtrodden. Dolezal strode boldly outside the horizons of American race identity idiocy and into a reality that roundly rejected her. Samanga concluded, “We cannot afford to lavish Dolezal with any more of our time, attention or mobile data.”

So to Dolezal, it’s been great but I wish you a safe place flight back to the US and sincerely hope you won’t be visiting us anytime soon. I mean it. As welcoming as we are, it must be said, you are not welcome here.

I can only hope Americans can be as clear-eyed as South Africans and reject Dolezal along with all the fake SJWs she represents and enables.

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