Rachel Maddow Bombshell: Karen Handel Likes Tacos And Margaritas!

It’s always refreshing to see the mainsteam media doing their jobs and covering the important issues of the day. This time we have MSNBC to thank for this breaking bombshell: Karen Handel’s campaign filmed B-roll footage when they created her commercials!

Yes, the Handel camp engaged in typical practice for a political campaign and filmed her smiling and carrying on conversations, which a PAC or other organization will presumably use. But in this case there’s a catch: they neglected to erase the audio, so we get to hear the small talk in all its awkward glory.

Enter Rachel Maddow. The MSNBC host has gotten her hands on the Handel B-roll and is treating it like it’s going to wreck the very foundations of the republic. Maddow likens the footage to a Bad Lip Reading video that’s all too real:

Some other hack at MSNBC – complete with ironic hipster mustache – posted a link on Twitter, and he, like Maddow, treats it like the smoking gun to a major scandal.

Look, here the thing: the Karen Handel video is funny – and, yes, it’s awkward as all get out. But there’s nothing in the footage that could even come close to ruining her campaign, just some innocuous small talk. (But I do feel sorry that she had to listen to that guy tell his tale of having his nose hair waxed.)

So my suggestion to Rachel Maddow is – fall off the smile. Your boy Jon Ossoff is going to have to defeat Karen Handel fair and square.

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