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  • Well, I don’t see how anyone gets racism out of that ad. However, it is still a silly ad. But funny in a sick way, I suppose. It is not my taste, but each to their own.

  • Racist? Maybe a bit. The white chick speaking of the the playboy party reminds me of the bit in Blazing Saddles when the Black Sheriff asks “where da white women at” and the bad guys come running after him.

    Perhaps the makers of the ad think many potential voters in the state really are racist and will react accordingly to an ad showing a white woman having interest in a black man.

    Racist or not it’s just one of the smear ads that both sides run and drives good people away from public service.

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  • Did you happen to see the whole ad? It’s 30 seconds long so I can see how you might not have had the time.