FILE - This April 26, 2013 file photo shows radio personality Glenn Beck at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards in New York. Beck says he regrets that some of the inflammatory things he's said haves caused division in the country. He said Thursday, June 6, he didn't regret his opinions, just the way some of them were stated. He didn't specify which ones. He said he wasn't fully aware of the perilous times the country is in and the way people were at each other's throats. Beck accepted a First Amendment Award on Thursday from Talkers magazine, the trade publication for people in his line of work. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP, file)

Radio Host Glenn Beck Now Travels With Bodyguards, for Fear of Trump Supporters

I’ve not held back with my own concerns about Trump, both as a candidate, and as president.

I have said from the beginning that we had better options during the primary, and I held out hope for a third party option to emerge from the shadows to save the nation from both Trump and Hillary Clinton, as I viewed both to be unqualified and corrupt, unworthy of the sacred trust of my vote.

Once Trump was in office, however, I stated that while I would always be true to my principles and call him out when he screwed up, I would also gladly offer an “attaboy” when he did something right.

Unfortunately, many who are a devoted part of the Trump Nation are taking a scorched earth view of those who have not fully embraced the Trumpidian joys of this new age in American history.

Whether it be the pugnacious, ungracious posturing of Fox News’ Sean Hannity, as he literally spits contempt for those Republicans who would rather have someone other than Trump as president, or the otherwise nameless, faceless Trump warriors, hiding behind their keyboards and their green frogs, spewing invectives, they are making it near impossible to just try and move forward and deal with the day-to-day.

I have found that the nasty that is seething from the pores of some of Trump’s more adoring fans rivals anything ever emanating from the left.

Cleaning up my social media messages has become almost a daily thing. The hate mail from Trumpers is astounding, with the vitriol only being rivaled by the poor grammar.

To be fair, I get the same thing from the left, who think that my work as a conservative writer automatically equals – Trump supporter.

Given I’m pretty new to the game, I think it is safe to say that what I receive pales in comparison to what our Erick Erickson receives, or that of conservative talker, Glenn Beck.

Beck now says that he has been forced to travel with two bodyguards, because of threats to his life from Trump supporters.

“It is not fun,” Beck said in an interview with the Atlantic magazine published Monday. “I don’t cherish it, but I value the truth more than I’m afraid of retribution.”

Beck took a firm, “Never Trump” stance during the election season, speaking out frequently and deeming the now-president as not only a threat to conservatism, but as an “oppositional force to Christians.”

During the primary, Beck supported Senator Ted Cruz.

“I don’t think the president of the United States should worry about me and my voice,” he said. “I’m hoping the presidency weighs on him.”

That’s how many of us feel. Let the rigors of the job be what shuts out any outside noise.

The election is over. Whether we like it or not, Trump is president.

For those who backed Trump during the election to act like conquerors, treating those who are otherwise on the same side of issues as defeated foes, does nothing to strengthen the party or build trust.

For those same Trump faithful to make threats against the rest of us, that is absolutely uncalled for, unwise, and makes you no better than the left.

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