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Well, I’ve received a few reviews about this morning’s performance. Of the few who listened who told me about it, they all said I was entertaining and good. That makes me feel better. It’s tough to judge myself, but I do feel like I got better as the morning went on. I started out pretty rough. The first thirty minutes were pretty awful, actually. But after that it got better. By the end I felt like I knew what I was doing, but then it was over.

Three hours goes by quickly. It’s funny how the mind works. And I only got one phone call — about fake vs. real Christmas trees. I did manage to take on the “asian spas” in town. Hopefully it will do some good. I’m deeply suspicious of why the City of Macon has turned a blind eye toward these places.

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  • You did fine, Erick. I was up too before the earth worms awoke to rub their eyes (old saying) to get my son up by six thirty to ready for his trip back to Virginia with 940 on in the background. I went to wake him, and he ask if I could get him up at seven thirty. Thinking wow, I could have slept another hour this morning, but I just smiled because a mom will do anything for a son without complaining (usually). I know your mom would have been proud of you, is she were up that early to hear you! Again, you did fine from what I heard in my sleep deprived mind. LOL Hang in there.

  • Linda is blessed. Hope you’re taping yourself so we can hear everything.
    You’d be better than the fill in for Rush today. Maybe I’m just tired, but he seems to go on and on about things we’re hearing on the mass media, so nothing original. Something about President Ford that is not usually known would be of interest and mentioning some locals would like to skin Saddam alive and why would add interest. I’m almost thinking “an eye for an eye” is the way to go, but he’d have to die a thousand deaths. But we are supposed to pray for our enemies, so as the thief on the cross, Saddam still has a chance to make it into heaven. Too bad “they” don’t know Jesus’ true identity and God bless “those” are who are trying to make that known.