Raping of the Lawyer

Two weeks ago I went to a pretrial conference for a case that was to begin today. The attorney on the other side did not show up. The judge’s secretary said she’d reschedule the pretrial conference and that if I didn’t hear from her, we would not go to trial today.

On Thrusday afternoon the opposing counsel finally faxed me his proposed pre-trial order. I assumed that meant we’d have a pretrial conference this past Friday. On Friday at exactly 8:30am the lawyer called and said we were going to trial today. The judge had told him to be prepared and we’d just pretrial right before the trial.

I called the judge’s secretary in a panic because of what she told me. This was all news to her.

Opposing Counsel and I went to court this morning. He was late. The judge called us into her chambers.

She began to tear him a new one right before my eyes. Apparently, he had met with the judge two weeks ago. He showed up in her office thirty minutes after the judge sent me home. She told him to do his pretrial order ASAP and call me and tell me to call her office to set up a time.

Well, then he backpeddled after I told her when he called me and said he had actually called me Thursday, “the day after I faxed over my order, Judge.” I pulled out the order and it was clear he faxed it over on Thursday, which backed us both up that he called the day after the fax.

I have never seen a judge tear into a lawyer in such a cold and calculating way. It was brutal, ugly, and deserved.

Now we aren’t going to trial until August, which I’m very happy with.

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