Reactions From Twitter: How the Radical Left Views Orlando

It is worth noting that while you and I may mourn the dead in Orlando, the radical left truly does believe that no tragedy should go to waste. The ramp up for gun control is already in full steam, but so are attacks on Christians from leftists who see no difference between Islam and Christianity. Below are some tweets that capture the radical left in full form.

(Pointing out a radical Islamist did this is apparently Islamophobia)

As a bonus, let me throw in this tweet from Matthew Dowd, who is not of the radical left, but certainly is niave and peddling a talking point the media is rapidly embracing.

Christianity calls homosexuality a sin on par with adultery, lying, gambling, alcoholism, etc.

Islam teaches that homosexuals should be killed. It is not a corruption of faith, it is the faith as practiced in most Muslim countries.

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