Reactions To The #FrenchRevolution

The media has picked up a rumor, a tremor. There’s a disturbance in the Force that keeps the tidy flow of politics confined to the love triangle of Sanders, Clinton and Trump.

Since Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol hinted that someone is about to step up and make #NeverTrump a real thing (now that there’s nobody in the GOP to do it), most of the media has been skeptical, if not cynical. Now it has leaked out that the candidate is none other than National Review’s David A. French (from NBC below, CNN also picked up the story).

National Review staff writer David French is considering an independent presidential run, sources close to the #NeverTrump movement confirmed to NBC News.

French is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and attorney with a concentration in constitutional law, according to his biography on National Review.

Bloomberg Politics first reported the news.

French is considering a run at the encouragement of Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who has been openly courting a conservative alternative to Trump.

Personally, I don’t know French other than some positive online interaction as a fellow conservative blogger and on social media. From that, I do know he’s a man of faith in God and in his country’s honor. I know that I very rarely disagree with a single word he’s written over at NR. I know that his wife is as committed and talented as he is, and that together they are raising a wonderful family.

I know that French’s family will be the focus of the attacks against him, and for that I pray for him and for them, their safety, and their peace of mind. If French is running, it’s going to change his life forever. I pray that his courage never falters.

Oh, and, yes, I would vote for him.

Here’s how others (and some of our own) on Twitter reacted to the news of a potential #FrenchRevolution:

To be fair, Shapiro had some objections.

If it reads like a who’s who of #NeverTrump, that’s because it is.

Our own Josh Hammer had some concern about National Review and the GOP. I think that bridge was on fire quite a few months ago.

French’s editor at NR is fully behind him.

The best reason for French to run? It will cause Trump’s neo-Nazis to come out and proud for him like cockroaches needing to be stamped out.

I couldn’t resist this one.

We will be hearing a lot more about David French in the coming days, I suspect. If he indeed is running (which seems by accounts to be true), I will do my very best to support him.

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