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Wow. Just wow.

I will have mine in June.

The iPhone wouldn’t have happened without Apple’s “we’re special” attitude. One reason there’s limited innovation in cell phones generally is that the cell carriers have stiff guidelines that the manufacturers have to follow. They demand that all their handsets work the same way. “A lot of times, to be honest, there’s some hubris, where they think they know better,” Jobs says. “They dictate what’s on the phone. That just wouldn’t work for us, because we want to innovate. Unless we could do that, it wasn’t worth doing.” Jobs demanded special treatment from his phone service partner, Cingular, and he got it. He even forced Cingular to re-engineer its infrastructure to handle the iPhone’s unique voicemail scheme. “They broke all their typical process rules to make it happen,” says Tony Fadell, who heads Apple’s iPod division. “They were infected by this product, and they were like, we’ve gotta do this!”

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  • It looks great I’m just going to wait until I see some reviews. I’m curious what the real effective battery life is. Plus there will probably be “clones” of this out in a year that don’t have aapl’s pesky DRM. Ejoy though it looks like a sweet toy.

    BTW check out engadget if you haven’t yet. They probably have a writeup.