Real Life vs. Instagram

Wood-working is probably my favorite hobby and greatest stress outlet. Every now and then I make some good looking stuff and enjoy sharing that, as well as many other great moments in my life, on Instagram. From those snapshots, you get to see the most presentable view of the work I do.

The thing about wood-working is that it’s messy. Every time I come out of my shop, I’m covered head to toe in saw-dust, sweat and glue. But unless its particularly impressive or showcases how hard I work, that’s probably not going to make an appearance on my Instagram account. You also don’t see the hours of work to create, or clean up after I’ve made something.

As I was cleaning a thick coat of saw dust off every surface of my shop, it occurred to me that this is how most of us view our Christianity. Not unlike Christ’s criticism of the Pharisees as “whited sepulchers,” we often try to present ourselves as the furthest thing from what we are: broken, sinful people.

What’s ironic about that is that those are the very people Jesus came to save. He didn’t hang out with the perfect-family, scripture-memorizing, synagogue-attending people. His companions were cheaters, tax-collectors, whores and degenerates. That’s who He came to save.

We serve a God who forgives all His children’s sins and rejoices in washing them away.

You can expect that I’ll keep posting the pretty stuff on Instagram but I know that my God sees much more. Brokenness is our sinful, natural state and denying that depravity denies you the opportunity for growth and fellowship with your other Christians.

Our fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ should involve mutual admission of our sinfulness and glorifying the Father for His gift of salvation. To do otherwise is an attempt to cheapen the sacrifice that gives us eternal life.

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Raz Shafer

Raz is a Christian, Texan, Conservative, Entrepreneur, Politico. Sigma Chi, Cigar/Fly-fishing/2nd amendment fan.
For the last 20 years, Raz has been involved in politics from grassroots organizing to running federal Pac efforts. Most of his current efforts are through his Candidate and Campaign Training organization, My Campaign Coach.

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