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On some level I can sympathize.  It’s New York, it’s a Friday night, and all you want to do is go soak up some culture in a city that’s full of it.  Hamilton is out of the question because ticket prices would cover a big chunk of the national debt, and even if you could afford it the waiting list is so long you’ll be getting in to see it roundabouts the same time Captain Kirk is assuming command of the starship Enterprise.  So what’s a poor schlub to do?

Of course!  Shakespeare in the Park!  It’s hip.  It’s free.  And as a bonus, they’re putting on a production of Julius Caesar where Donald Trump gets killed!  In most of the country that sounds kind of icky, but here in the Big Apple it’s date night.

So there you are, holding your best girl’s hand (she voted for Hillary, but really wanted Bernie Sanders), both of your hearts pounding as you anticipate that moment when the blade plunges deep into the Great Orange Menace, at long last raising the respectability of assassination porn out of the ghetto of Fifty Shades fan fiction and into the mainstream. . .and that’s when some protester jumps up on stage and ruins the whole damn thing:

Sorry, honey.  Maybe there’s an off-off-off Broadway revival of The Vagina Monologues we can check out instead.

If you’re curious, that’s Laura Loomer from Rebel Media acting like an 80’s era pre-teen Color Me Badd superfan trying to scuttle a New Kids on the Block concert.  A fellow prankster named Jack Posobiec joined in the fun from the audience, yelling charmers such as, “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!” and “Goebbels would be proud!”

Nearby, another attendee reportedly said, “Why’s he talking about gerbils?  I just came here to see Trump get axed.”

Okay, I made that last one up–but frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if it really happened.  Noted conservatives, meanwhile, have weighed in with their own opinions about Loomer’s protest tactics.  Andrew Klavan posted one of the more eloquent reactions I’ve seen:

While Ben Shapiro, who is in danger of turning into a curmudgeon before his time, had this to say:


Sigh.  It’s a good thing Ben wasn’t the president of the Deltas in Animal House, otherwise Otter’s suggestion of a really futile and stupid gesture being done on somebody’s part might never have come to pass.

As for Laura Loomer, while her stunt could be considered stupid–and with the crowd of New Yorkers that booed her off the stage, it was most certainly futile–that doesn’t mean there isn’t some value to what she did.  For one thing, the theater company, as a matter of good taste, could have decided to lay off depicting the assassination of a Republican president in the wake of the attempted assassination of Republican congressmen–but they chose to carry on like nothing happened.  Loomer reminded them of that in a rather splashy way.  Also, progressive agitators have been using these kind of tactics to squelch the right for years–and have tossed in some head-busting violence to boot.  Rushing the stage may have wrecked the play for most of the people there, but at least none of them ended up in the hospital–unlike Allison Stanger, when she committed the offense of inviting Charles Murray to speak at Middlebury College.

The leftist crowd watching Julius Caesar Friday night probably cheers that sort of thing when their radicals engage in it.  They just don’t care for it too much when they get a taste of their own vitriol.

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