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Over at RedState, we’re spending this week focused on the Peace Movement.  Of note is Cindy Sheehan, who the press adored until they realized she was a nut job.  Nick Danger has up a great post on Sheehan and her backers.

To hear the media tell it, antiwar celebrity Cindy Sheehan has become famous because of her unique position as the grieving mother of a fallen solder… a woman who left her home and family to camp out in Crawford, Texas, near the President’s ranch, to cry her way into our hearts and so end the war in Iraq by speaking truth to power.

The truth about power is that virtually anyone can become famous in America today if they have enough money. How else to explain Victor Kiam, the man who “bought the company,” or Frank Perdue, the “tough man” who looked suspiciously like a chicken? Or for that matter long-time liberal activists Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame… one of whom, Ben Cohen, has been spending a lot of money lately turning Cindy Sheehan into the Mother of All Protestors.

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