Reed To Be Denounced

Capitol Impact’s Tom Crawford is reporting that

Party sources predict that a prominent Republican figure will publicly call for Ralph Reed to withdraw from his GOP primary race against state Sen. Casey Cagle. The stated rationale will be that Reed, like lieutenant governor candidate Mitch Skandalakis in 1998, could have a disruptive effect on the party’s entire general election ticket if he wins the Republican primary next July.

Any guesses as to who it might be? Oxendine might just be a fit for that. But, I notice Crawford says “prominent Republican figure” and not prominent elected Republican figure. That opens the field up further. Guy Milner could then be a fit, but I don’t think he would qualify as a “prominent” Republican.

Stay tuned on this one folks.

[editor’s note, by Erick] I’ve gotten a few emails saying that the title of this post is too harsh. Tough people. I’m not booing whoever is doing it and I’m not cheering him on either. Let’s face it. While diplomatic language may be used, whoever it is, is going to denounce Reed as a drag on the party and a disrupter of all things good. That, to me, is denouncing Reed.

[UPDATE] Kevin, in the comments follows up on what I said with either Milner or David Ralston doing it. A commenter over at RedState says it might be Mike Bowers. Hmmm . . . . I have no idea.

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  • From the teaser, my guess is Guy Millner, David Ralston or someone else who suffered from the implosion of the Mitch Skandalakis campaign in 1998. Reed ran that campaign, right?

    It is probably not Oxendine. His endorsement of Cagle is a de facto denunciation of Reed. No further denunciation would be newsworthy.

  • Erick – If that (publicly calling on a candidate to withdraw for fear that he might disrput the party’s general election ticket) is not a denunciation, then I do not know what the word means. LMAO.

  • It has to be someone smart enough to see the problem with Reed, with balls to speak his mind. It is probably not someone (yet) aligned with Cagle, but who has a vested interest to protect. It could be Mike Bowers, who is well connected to the Perdue admnistration. (Sonny cannot be thrilled with the idea of Ralph as a running mate.) It might be Bob Irvin, former House Republican leader and ally House Speaker Glenn Richardson. (Richardson is not thrilled either.) Another possibility is Newt Gingrich.