Rejoice! Sanity Has Returned To Fish & Wildlife

Rejoice! For sanity has been restored. Hunters and fisherman may now resume using lead bullets and tackle, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service banned on Jan. 19, the former president’s last full day in office.

The Obama administration, bless their bleeding hearts, had one goal in the last eight years: to eliminate guns from America. All they really did was incite people to buy more guns, and make it more difficult for sportsmen of all kinds to enjoy life.

That’s liberals: sucking the marrow out of every bone until life becomes a joyless exercise in monochromatic blind obedience to the issue du jour. Kudos to President Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for peeling back a slice of the insanity.

Flanked by NRA-ILA and other conservation group officials, Zinke signed Secretarial Order 3347. Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA-ILA gave this statement.

“This was a reckless, unilateral overreach that would have devastated the sportsmen’s community,” said Cox. “The Obama administration failed to consult with state fish and wildlife agencies or national angling and hunting organizations in issuing this order. This was not a decision based on sound scientific evidence — it was a last second attack on traditional ammunition and our hunting heritage.”

The lead ban really wasn’t based on scientific anything. It was simply a slap in the face to hunters, and a setup for using the inevitable reversal to raise money for liberal causes. No doubt, the emails have already gone out begging for cash because the big bad conservatives are poisoning our pristine wilderness with lead.

Of course, hunters and fishermen have been using lead since the days of Davy Crockett and, aside from the animals killed by the bullets, there’s been no mass die-offs.

It feels good to embrace the sanity.


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