Release the Recording

In 2003, Barack Obama attended a farewell party for a radical Palestinian named Rashid Khalidi. The event was videotaped and rumors have long surfaced that it showed the future President explicitly take the side of Palestinian agitators. But the Los Angeles Times controls the tape and has refused to release it. Conservatives, including a lot of Trump supporters, have long demanded release of the tape.

The New York Times now has a secret recording of its own. This time it is an off the record conversation with Donald Trump where even people within the Times are suggesting it shows Trump admitting his hardline stance on immigration is just a campaign tactic.

In fact, the editorial page editor of the New York Times confirms the paper does have the tape, but says it cannot release it without Donald Trump’s permission.

Donald Trump should grant that permission now in the primaries so we can all see it. You and I both know it will accidentally leak out in the general election if there is anything on there to undermine Trump’s support.

Currently, Trump will not release his full medical records, his taxes, and will not consent to release of this tape.

He must be hiding something.

Donald Trump will not beat Hillary Clinton in November.

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