“Remember Buck Melton!”

Back in 1999, prominent Republicans in Macon actively urged members of the GOP to stay out of the Democratic primary. As a result, Buck Melton narrowly lost to Jack Ellis. The rest is history . . . until today.

Today, Republicans across town received a letter from former state senator Susan Cable urging Republicans to not repeat the mistake of 1999. Cable and other Republicans are actively encouraging Republican voters to vote in the Democratic Primary.

The personal irony here is that I’ve had a couple of people in the past 24 hours insist that I should not be on the Executive Committee of the Republican Party in Bibb County because I’m helping several friends in the Democratic primary without Republican opponents and have also stated a preference in the Democratic mayoral primary.

How dare I think for myself! And how dare Republicans try to cross over and do anything in the best interests of the city, especially considering outside of Ward 5 there is not one Republican with a chance of getting elected.

While the Republicans are crossing over, they should consider voting for these fine candidates:

Keith Moffett in Ward 1’s city-wide post.

Larry Schlesinger in Ward 3’s city-wide post.

Miriam Paris in Ward 4’s city-wide post.

Lauren Benedict in Ward 5’s city-wide post.

As a matter of fact, all of them do oppose the risky hotel scheme City Council is currently considering.

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  • You’re absolutely right. This is why we are stuck with idiots running our city, while good candidates narrowly miss out time and time again. I seriously question the judgement of the GOP leadership in this area if they actually think a Republican can win a city-wide election. They’re even worse off if they think growing the party is more important than putting competent people in office.

    I received one of Susan’s letters, and I agreed with every word of it. The most troubling part of this situation is the fact that this may be Macon’s last chance. As someone who’s lived here my entire life, I’d love to see a reason to keep my family in this area. I need proof that there is still enough common sense in this city to prevent the election of another Hakim Mansour…