Remember Chick-Fil-A? Boycotting In-N-Out Is Not a Good Look for Democrats

Why this, like a boycott of Chick-fil-A, will blow up in their faces.


If you’re like me and you grew up in Southern California, chances are you’ve had your share of In-N-Out burgers. Perhaps you’ve been bold and gone with Animal-style fries to pair with your burger. (I know I did.)


In-N-Out is where my childhood friends and I would meet for reunions during our teenage years, since I had moved away to a neighboring high school. We shared countless laughs and stories at many In-N-Outs over the years. It was a safe, welcoming place. You knew it was a good place with all the foot traffic they attracted.


What’s the appeal of this food joint, you ask? In-N-Out patrons flock to the fast food joint because they use fresh ingredients, have quality service, and are the nicest folks around. In fact, the Irvine-based company offers their franchise managers a handsome salary—a whopping $160,000/year.


Since moving to the East Coast, I long for the days where I could enjoy In-N-Out. Five Guys just doesn’t cut it. Not one bit.


Not surprising, the chair of the California Democrat Party is calling for a boycott of the popular West Coast chain because, gasp, their corporation donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. The horror, the horror!

The donation can be found here.


Isn’t this an invasion of In-N-Out’s privacy? What’s the crime in this? I see nothing contentious or worthy of boycotting. If you read into In-N-Out’s history and notice where they are located — Orange County, CA — one can surmise that it’s a company run by conservative-minded people. Have you not seen the scripture on their cups? Did you know that Orange County, CA is one of the last bastions of Republican voters in California and has voted for them since the 1930’s (except this last election)? California Democrats have systematically tainted every remaining good thing in Golden State, which I called home for 21 years, so they go after In-N-Out to add insult to injury.


Interestingly enough, In-N-Out supported a Democrat PAC in recent years:


Fortune noted that In-N-Out has made donations to different groups in the past: Campaign finance filings show that restaurant donated $30,000 in 2017 and then $50,000 this year to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a political action committee that supports Democratic candidates who are considered cordial to businesses.


If California Democrats want to boycott In-N-Out, they are playing with fire. Do they remember what happened with a similar boycott of Chick-fil-A? It backfired on them, and rightfully so. Why does every business have to openly support Democrats? Business owners are traditionally Republican, and don’t have to be compelled to support Democrats. In-N-Out has the right to donate to the Republican Party without retribution just as other restaurant corporations have a right to donate to their opponents.


In-N-Out will emerge as the victor in this. If you are able to dine there, give these nice folks and their employees your business.

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