Remember, It is God’s Will

Today, Hillary Clinton will unfortunately be elected President of the United States. As I wrote in February, this was the logical and foreseeable outcome of Donald Trump’s nomination. His voters behaved emotionally and were able to use a highly divided field to hand the nomination to someone with less support than any other Republican nominee in modern times. Only 36% of Republicans wanted Trump, but not enough could set egos aside and consolidate the field against him. Trump only reached 45% of the primary vote after every other candidate had withdrawn from the primary. His percentage win was the lowest of any modern Republican candidate.

So now we will lose the Supreme Court and the White House.

I have been telling you all along that Trump would lose if the GOP gave him the nomination. But there were other, louder voices who lied. They told you only Trump could beat her. They told you the polls were wrong. They told you Trump’s non-traditional campaign would work and the normal rules of politics do not apply.

They lied. The question for you now is whether you decide you want to keep being lied to or you are ready to for the truth and ready to push back against Hillary Clinton.

For months on end, certain Christians have told us that Trump was God’s instrument. God, they have told us, has used bad men through history to advance the church. They told us to vote for Trump because it was God’s will.

Well, God’s will is being done. Christians in America who have made an idol of the country and an idol of Trump need to repent. Christians in America need to re-embrace their faith in God above their faith in government. If this is what it takes for Christians in America to trust in Jesus instead of government, it will ultimately be a good thing. Too many Christians have thought that by their own actions they could fix this country. They cannot. They must rely on the strongest man, the one who conquered death, not a strong man promising to make great again what God will one day make new.

Scripture commands us to pray for our leaders. After today, that will most likely include Hillary Clinton. It is unfortunate for us and for our country. But I never lied to you. I told you this would happen and you chose not to believe it. Now you will go through a period of rationalization and blame. But in the end you know it is true. Donald Trump was the worst and weakest candidate with the most baggage and his supporters, a minority of the GOP, only were able to get him the nomination because of a crowded field and uncritical, overwhelming media attention.

The Hillary Clinton donor has lost to Hillary Clinton. Can’t beat the real thing.

And you will note please that I am writing this post in July. It is that staggeringly obvious even now that on election day Trump is going to lose because he is undisciplined, has too many skeletons in the closet that will be trotted out over the next few months, and most Americans simply find him abhorrent. If, by November, things have changed, I will gladly be wrong and this post will serve as a testament to how wrong I was. But I suspect they will not. There never was a different, more disciplined Donald Trump. He is as he was.

Choose better in four years.

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