Removing Saddam Hussein Destabilized the Middle East

That’s what the left tells us.

ISIS did not exist before Barack Obama withdrew troops from the Middle East. But the left says if we are going to go back that far, we should go back to George W. Bush. Had Bush not taken out Saddam Hussein, ISIS would never have reared its head. Taking out Saddam Hussein, according to the left, destabilized the Middle East.

So what is the left’s proposed strategy now?

To take out Bassar Al Assad, the leader of Syria. The left claims this will not destabilize the Middle East. Rather, it will bring about democracy in the Middle East, which the left said no one in the Middle East wanted when George Bush was President.

That’s the crazy thing about the left. When George W. Bush was President, the Middle East did not deserve democracy and any changes were destabilizing. With Barack Obama, the Middle East surely craves democracy and regime change will further stabilize the region.

And hell, they may be right. After all, look what Barack Obama did to Libya with regime change there. Oh … wait!

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