Rep. Massie: Swampcare “Worse Than Obamacare”, Voting “HELL NO”

Libertarian-leaning Republican Congressman from Kentucky Thomas Massie does not appreciate being pressured by the GOP establishment leadership into voting for the Trump/Ryan “Swampcare” bill. In fact, yesterday, he got so fed up, that he announced on Facebook that he was changing his vote on the bill: from “NO” to “HELL NO.”

Representative Massie has been a consistent outspoken opponent of the proposal that would tweak Obamacare. On today’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, he said that Paul Ryan’s bill is “worse than Obamacare.” When he asked about the repercussions of the GOP bill being voted down today, his response was equally as strong: “The consequences of passing this in the House and the Senate and signing it is much worse for the Republican Party than the consequences of this bill going down today. I hope that it goes down today.”

Representative Massie, who referred to the bill as “Obamacare Lite” (we prefer “Swampcare,” but to each their own), is a liberty-loving, gun toting inventor and engineer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District, and was endorsed by both Rand and Ron Paul when he first ran and won election to Congress in 2012. He currently runs a cattle farm, drives a Tesla, and lives with his family in a solar-powered home that he built himself.

Where can we find a few more Thomas Massies?

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