This photo combination of file images shows Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, left, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. A major shake-up for Indiana politics could be coming this week as Trump considers Pence as his Republican vice presidential choice. Pence is expected to attend a fundraising event and rally in Indiana with Trump on Tuesday, July 12. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, David Zalubowski)

REPORTS: Mike Pence Will Be Trump’s VP Nominee

Pence is probably the best choice and the one most likely to cause anti-Trump delegates to scuttle their efforts.

But wow evangelicals who are backing Trump are going to privately feel burned after what Pence did to RFRA in Indiana.

Likewise, Pence absolutely will not stand up to Trump and is going to have to start defending a whole bunch of policies, including protectionism, that Pence does not believe in.

This will be both fun to watch and vicariously humiliating for so many who for so long backed Pence.

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