Reports: Tomi Lahren Out, So What’s Next for The Blaze?

Page Six at the New York Post is reporting that Tomi Lahren, who was recently suspended from Glenn Beck’s multimedia network The Blaze, will not be returning to her show there:

Sources say Lahren — who was suspended last week after flip-flopping on abortion and declaring herself pro-choice — has been banned permanently.


“Glenn is reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites,” one Beck insider told me.

The story refers to Lahren’s recent appearance on The View, during which she declared herself to be pro-abortion (well, “pro-choice” was her actual wording, but who are we kidding here?), despite acting the part of an avid pro-lifer during the short but meteoric course of her career as a conservative commentator.

The Post continues:

“He’s trying to balance being a leading conservative thinker and also someone who can unify the country,” the Beck associate told me. “He just couldn’t sit by and watch as Tomi Lahren said there’s no way for conservatives to justify anything other than being pro-choice.”


I’m usually skeptical of unnamed sources–particularly from former insiders, who usually have an axe to grind–but Lahren herself seems to be hinting that the story is true via Twitter.

So, what are we to make of all this?

First off, a lot of ink and airtime are going to be spent–much of it by Tomi Lahren, for sure–over how Glenn Beck is somehow censoring views with which he doesn’t agree.  This is nonsense.  Lahren has proven to have an uncanny ability to draw attention to herself, so it’s not like she needs The Blaze to stay in the spotlight–and Beck is under no obligations to provide a platform for anybody.  If Lahren is the conservative she claims to be, she would simply say that The Blaze is Beck’s business and he’s free to do what he wants with it.

Secondly, the pro-abortion crowd–and this includes the majority of pundits on the left side of the spectrum–will hold this up as an example of the intolerance of the right in general, and Glenn Beck in particular.  This is also nonsense.  It’s no secret that he has employed people in the past who support abortion rights, even though he himself is an unwavering pro-lifer.  Rather, Beck suspended Lahren for being unprincipled–and therein lies a big difference.

How’s that, you might ask?  Let’s go back to the Post:

“Beck’s trying to reinvent himself,” a former insider told me. “But he’s burned too many bridges.”


TheBlaze, founded seven years ago in Dallas, once had offices in New York and 300 employees. Now, the New York office is closed and the staff is half that size.


While the number of paying subscribers (once said to be 300,000) is kept secret, attracted 29 million unique visitors per month in 2014, and only 8.8 million uniques in February 2017, for a loss of more than two-thirds of its traffic.


Jerry Del Colliano, founder of Inside Radio, said Beck’s syndicated talk radio show has slipped as well from No. 3 to No. 5.


“Beck has lost his mojo, and TheBlaze helped him lose it,” Del Colliano said. “It’s hard to figure out where he is coming from.”

Much of this is a direct result of Beck actively opposing the campaign of Donald Trump, which angered a large part of his audience.  Since then, he has also made an effort to reach out to prominent people on the left  in an effort to tone down the vitriol that dominates our political and media discourse.  This has been tremendously risky, and has cost both him and his company a lot of money–but he did it, and continues to do it, out of principle.

Now compare that to Tomi Lahren–who jettisoned her supposed conservative principles for no other reason that she wanted to look cool on The View.  Now can you see why Glenn Beck wouldn’t want her to be part of his team anymore?

Unfortunately, this is par for the course with a lot of media personalities.  They throw bombs and spew outrageous bile just to grab the attention of an easily-distracted public, and who even knows if they actually believe half of what they say?  Whether you agree with Glenn Beck or not, this is precisely the kind of thing he’s taking a stand against.

Firing Lahren was the only thing he could do.

So what does that mean for The Blaze, and Beck’s future?  That remains to be seen.  While I have my differences with his anti-Trump stance (there are times when I feel like the Trump apologist in residence here at The Resurgent), I believe in what he’s doing in trying to find honest partners on the left, who also want bridge the divide between blue and red America.  And he still has a lot of talent at The Blaze (if you want to see a woman with real guts, look no further than Dana Loesch).  With those kind of tools at his disposal, I wouldn’t count him out.

Maybe it’ll just take a little more imagination to get there?  I’ll have to think on that one.

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