In this Wednesday, July 12, 2017 photo, Sandra Collins, executive director and founder of enGender, reads a book to campers at the Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp in El Cerrito, Calif. Collins says, “A lot of these kids have been bullied and had trauma at school. This is a world where none of that exists, and they're in the majority. That’s a new experience for kids who are used to hiding and feeling small.” (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Republican Leaders Are Cowards

A kindergartener in California went home shaken and crying the other day. The child’s teacher let another child stand up and, before the eyes of all the other children, “transitioned.” The teacher explained how normal it was. The shaken, crying child is now scared that at any moment she could turn into a boy.

Another elementary aged child in a different school got sent to the principal’s office for calling a girl a girl when the girl wanted to be referred to as a boy.

In a different state, a principal admitted that the law requires parents be notified if the school is going to teach sex education, but since gender transition is not sex education, but gender education, parents will get no notice of such instruction. And the school system intends to tell kids it is fine.

For those of you in private Christian schools, do not think you are safe from this. Accreditation agencies, including the ones that purport to oversee Christian private institutions, are being taken over by liberals insistent that Christian private schools embrace same sex marriage and transgenderism. It is only a matter of time before they come for homeschool curricula too.

Concurrent to all of this, leftwing activists and business leaders are leveraging money and threats to ensure men can use our daughters’ bathrooms. Anyone who points out this is a mental health issue is labeled a bigot. There is no more real science to support this than there is that vaccines cause autism, but pointing that out gets you labeled a bigot too.

While all of this is going on, the left is tearing down monuments it deems offensive. They are going beyond Confederate monuments. Christopher Columbus, various Revolutionary War leaders, etc. are all being defaced and destroyed. Even an Abraham Lincoln statue was attacked.

And Republican leaders? They are mostly silent on all of this. While leftwing leaders rally “The Resistance” in hopes of being eaten last, Republican politicians are ducking for cover. They fear big business might pull out of their states and they fear being labeled a bigot in the press for standing up for common sense.

In Washington, Republicans are breaking all their promises. But in the states, Republicans claim Republicans can lead. Except they are not leading on the fights that increasingly target their citizens in the culture wars. They are not drawing lines in the sand because Tim Cook of Apple might send them a mean letter.

Republican leaders are putting out of state monied interests ahead of protecting their citizens from leftwing activist culture warriors. They are letting Christian small businessmen be run out of business. They are letting our children be indoctrinated into madness instead of educated.

If they will not fight on these issues, we really will need a new party. The left will offer no compromise and evil, once dominant, seeks to silence good. And let’s not mince words — the radical left’s sexual identity agenda is evil. It seeks to define deviancy as normal and normal as deviant. It seeks to undermine the traditional family role that keeps society stable. It intends to punish any who point out nature itself rejects the left’s ideas on sex and gender. There can be no room for disagreement or compromise. One must convert or be destroyed.

We are dealing with an evil being passed off as normalcy and any who point it out are labeled bigots and silenced. And Republican leaders stay silent.

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