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Republican Leaders in Georgia Put the Gay Agenda Ahead of Children

Republican leaders in the state of Georgia have decided to put the gay agenda ahead of children. They are desperately afraid of upsetting Hollywood liberals who are sending more and more business into Georgia. Several Hollywood studios now have facilities in Georgia and the famous Pinewood Studio has a facility in Georgia.

The big issue now is adoption. In Georgia, Republicans in the legislature began advancing a plan that would improve adoption services and adoption rates in the state, but one of the chief supporters of the legislation wanted a provision making it clear that Christian adoption agencies in the state, including Catholic Charities, would not have to surrender the tenets of their faith in order to help children find loving homes.

Naturally, the gay rights lobby swung into action and swiftly got Governor Nathan Deal and the legislative leaders from Speaker David Ralston to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert to rush out and condemn the effort to protect Christian adoption agencies.

Christian adoption agencies will not adopt children into single parent homes and because they believe marriage is between a man and woman, they will not allow adoption into same-sex households.

There is no dispute that Christian adoption agencies in the state have a solid track record, are more efficient with their money, and do an outstanding job. But the state of Georgia now insists they abandon their moral values and tenets of their faith to take advantage of greater state funding to help children.

In leftwing states, Catholic Charities and other Christian institutions have had to cede the field and abandon adoption work because of the gay rights agenda. Republicans said it would never happen in Georgia. They refused to pass a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Georgia because they said this stuff would never happen. Now they are telling Christian groups they have to surrender their values to help get children adopted.

With Republicans like these…

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