A striking study of Marshal Petain as he ordered our photographer from the room during the “sell-out” meeting of the council of ministers in Vichy on June 9, 1941. The council met to consider the Darlan-Hitler talks at Berchtesgaden. (AP Photo)

Republican Sen. Richard Burr Prefers a Socialist to Ted Cruz [UPDATED]

A0f5acd2 cfe8 457b ae89 74bd5a999327Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) thought he was off the record at a private fundraiser the other day. But the Associated Press got an interesting tidbit. According to Richard Burr, he would rather vote for Bernie Sanders than Ted Cruz.

Cruz is a small government, pro-free market Republican. Bernie Sanders is a socialist who thinks Americans have too many choices in deodorant. That Richard Burr, who claims to be a free market supporting Republican senator, would rather a socialist than Ted Cruz is amazing and instructive.

The GOP ruling class would rather hand the country over to socialists than support a consistent Christian conservative like Ted Cruz. Unreal.

By the way, that picture up there is of Field Marshall Petain, who led the Vichy French. It could be Richard Burr.


The Associated Press reporter is standing by her story, but Senator Burr is vehemently denying it, saying he will support the nominee.

Remember, Senator Burr recently demanded an investigation of Ted Cruz so there is no love there.

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