Republicans: How To Beat Hillary

This is not complicated. Hillary Clinton must not be elected president. We must raise the billion or so dollars necessary to put a Republican in the White House. We must support the nominee and create a sophisticated campaign and ground game for Get Out The Vote.

We must consolidate the GOP base and find common ground on which to run. It’s easy to beat Clinton:

  • She should be under indictment already for criminal violations of the National Security Act;
  • She has approximately one press conference every blue moon;
  • She advocates repeal of the Second Amendment, but without actually repealing it;
  • She wants unlimited immigration and amnesty for those here illegally;
  • She accepts large bags of cash in mixed denominations in exchange for government favors;
  • Her husband acts like Jason of the Argonauts stranded on the island of Themiscyra;
  • She treats Israel like North Korea and will treat Cuba like Israel should be treated.

Shall I go on? Clinton lies so often she can’t order pizza without her lawyer’s advice (or a burrito for that matter). One more: Man-made global warming catastrophe is imminent.

Beating Clinton isn’t rocket science. Anyone more likable than post-Watergate Nixon could do it. Sarah Palin could do it.

Mark Davis at the Dallas Morning News penned:

This is not complicated. Questions about Trump should not drive any conservative into the arms of a presidency we have dreaded for a generation. But an odd mania grips some on the right, taking the form of fantasy conjectures about some imagined irreparable damage Trump will do to the Republican party, or to conservatism itself.

What utter nonsense. The GOP is at any moment a portrait of its presidential candidates, its members in Congress, its Governors and its state legislators. Large and small tectonic shifts are common amid all of those strata. Even a high-Richter-scale phenomenon like Trump will affect the party for as long as voters wish it to, and not one moment longer.

Except one thing–the tiny matter of the elephant in the room.

Trump isn’t beating Clinton, and he won’t beat her. He isn’t raising the cash required (no, he can’t run a national campaign with 70 people and the RNC’s skeleton staff). He doesn’t understand GOTV other than his own Know-Nothing sycophantic cult followers.

The $10 million loan to his campaign Trump announced he’d forgive is a pittance. He’ll need to kick in at least 10 times that to be competitive and show donors he’s serious. It’s not happening.

Trump, the person who, from the day he announced his candidacy, has run as a winner, is not winning. The electoral map shows Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona as toss-ups. States where Trump dominated the GOP field, like New Hampshire and New York are blue as ever. Hillary is likely 100 electoral votes ahead of Trump, and that’s being charitable.


Trump has so thoroughly alienated his own party that he’s irretrievably toxic. Nobody will touch him, and those who do are forever tainted with the scum he hauls in his wake. The miracle Trump and his minions are waiting for is not going to happen, and it’s delusional to believe it will.

Republicans, let’s beat Hillary. Let’s get past all this arguing. There’s only one little bitty detail we have to take care of first.

Dump Trump. He’s a loser.

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