Republicans in Georgia Want Al Gore to Be President

Can you imagine if Al Gore had been President of the United States on September 11, 2001? I don’t even like to think about it.

But in Georgia, a group of state senators and representatives would have that happen.

They’ve been seduced by a well funded operation that wants to get rid of the Founder’s genius design of the Electoral College and move to a national popular vote.

Had this system been in place in 2000, Al Gore would have been President on September 11th and no doubt would have had to weigh the carbon emissions of bombs dropped on Al Qaeda before striking back.

The legislation is SB 376 sponsored by David Shafer, Steve Henson, John Kennedy, Michael Williams, Judson Hill, and John Albers.

The House version is HB 929 sponsored by Earl Ehrhart, Stacey Abrams, Penny Houston, Ron Stephens, Chuck Martin, and Sharon Cooper.

The legislation would create an interstate compact where a state demands that its Electoral College vote for the national popular vote winner, even if that person did not win the state. So essentially, if Georgia’s voters vote for Mitt Romney, but Barack Obama wins the national vote, Georgia’s Electoral College will be forced to ignore the will of Georgia’s voters and instead vote for Barack Obama.

The reason many of these people are sponsoring the legislation does not have anything to do with principle. Rather, they want Presidential candidates to pay more attention to Georgia. Right now, Georgia is not yet a swing state. Though it is trending that way, it is not there now. So many of the legislators sponsoring this legislation see dollar signs. Presidential candidates will have to come to Georgia and ignore smaller swing states that shape the electoral college.

They’d come to Georgia because Georgia has a bigger population base than say, Iowa.

But Georgia’s voters still are Republican. And this legislation would force the state’s Electoral College to go Democrat even if a majority of Georgians say no.

State sovereignty should matter to Republican legislators. The legislature should oppose this legislation.

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